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Frozen embryos transfer is quite similar to the process related to a normal embryo transfer. The only difference here is the usage of frozen embryos instead of the freshly fertilized embryos in the IVF laboratory. We are the perfectionist in this field as a leading provider of Embryo Transfer Service in varanasi.

The usage of frozen embryos instead of the fresh embryos won’t make any major difference in the conception process. There are many benefits for Embryo Cryopreservation in India.

How frozen embryos transfer works?

laparoscopic surgeon hospital in varanasiThe thawed embryos get replaced during the menstrual cycle or in the cycle primed with the hormone supplements. Depending upon the medical history as well as your age, the fertility Specialists from New life hospital, providing frozen embryo transfer in varanasi, will discuss appropriate treatment techniques with you. The specialists first attempt the transfer of the embryo in the fresh cycle, right after the embryo gets thawed in the catheter holding the entire width.

Afterwards, they transfers it into the cervical channel and then into the uterine cavity. This procedure is associated with the ultrasound. The fertility specialist will then remove the catheter and check whether the frozen embryos have been successfully implanted or not. After the transfer, the patient can return to your normal cycle with improved results. The embryo stays quite safe within the uterus. Following the embryo transfer, the pregnancy test will be done 12 or 14 days later. During this time, it is recommended not to undergo the strenuous activity and heavy lifting.

At New Life hospitals, We provide Fertility Preservation in varanasi. Our lab technicians and fertility experts will ensure the proper fertilization and implantation of the Frozen embryos. Once it’s formed, the specialist will put it in the uterus right away in the same cycle or freeze it and place it sometimes later. They can also conduct the biopsy for testing for the chromosome complement or any other genetic disorder.

With the stimulated frozen cycle, the patients can also take medications to undergo the down regulation process. It works for temporarily shutting down the eggs from being released. The second ultrasound scan is given right after that. The specialists can take 8 or 9 days for checking the thickness of the endometrium.

It becomes necessary for closely monitoring or even controlling the progression of the menstrual cycle at this stage. Once there is appropriate thickness developed, and the cycle reaches the correct stage, the specialist selects two or three frozen embryos that can undergo thawing.

Our specialist will also recommend the appropriate time for the following process and planning the transfer. At New Life, we always use the advanced techniques known as vitrification for the proper fertilization and implantation of the frozen embryo. Our embryologist always works together hand in hand with the other specialists to conclude the Embryo freezing process in the best manner possible. The embryos usually get frozen and mature on the third day. We can also do that at the blastocyst stage around 5 or 6 days after their collection. During this process, the patients need to stay focused on the fact that the successful embryo cryopreservation program will be offering realistic pregnancy potential from the frozen embryos. We also provide egg freezing in India.

Why frozen embryos transfer is recommended?

laparoscopic surgeon hospital varanasiCompared to many other techniques, the frozen embryo transfer is proving to be considerably less complicated and will ensure giving the pain-free three stages, namely getting the endometrium during transferring the embryos and maintaining the lacteal phase. The result of the technique is totally dependent on the quality of the frozen embryo, endometrial thickness, and the type opted for the Embryo Cryopreservation in India.

Besides, it is also dependent on the hormonal therapy strategy that has been applied. People also opt for it in later years once they are ready to have another child or whenever there is a requirement due to fresh embryo transfer deferred primarily in the view of the suboptimal endometrium.

At New Life Hospitals, we always use the best and most advanced technology to ensure that there won’t be any further complications in the procedure. Whether you are having the frozen embryo stored in the bank or having them transferred to us from another clinic, we will always employ our best experts who will be careful with having the embryo assessing the suitability before starting with thawing. We always conduct the initial scan and consultation to ensure the proper assessment and the formulation of the personalized treatment plan that ensures better chances of success.

The success rate

Initially, it was believed that fresh embryos could give better success rates. Later, it was discovered (while using highly advanced medical techniques) that frozen embryos could give a better success rate. That said, at New Life, we got the best and most experienced medical professionals who are highly capable and competent to offer risk free frozen embryo transfer process.

We also ensure best success rates while investing in a great deal of research and effort to advance with our best and most advanced Medical techniques.

Book an appointment today and let us help you with the best and most advanced IVF techniques to realize your child seeking dreams.

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