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Usually, couples opt for intrauterine insemination as the first attempt for fertility treatment. When compared to many other assisted conception methods, this proves to be better than other processes. It requires the washed sperm sample being implanted in the woman’s uterus with the artificial means.

It is beneficial for the couples-

  • where the male partner has the lowest sperm count or the sperms are having lower motility
  • in case of sperm gets placed directly into the female uterus, IUI can help couples who are unable to have intercourse because of injuries, disabilities, or difficulties
  • in case of the premature ejaculation
  • it is also recommended for the women who face sexual complications due to random reasons
  • It is beneficial as the first line of assisted conception treatment for the couples with unexplained infertility

The treatment plan

IUI hospital in Varanasi

At the Best IUI center in Varanasi UP, you will get professional assistance at every step of your IVF IUI treatment in India. In the procedure, we take much care to ensure that our specialized professional will pass a soft catheter through the surface opening and into the uterus.

The clinician will introduce the washed sperm into the uterus with the help of the catheter. The procedure usually is administered in the laboratory and takes around one or two minutes.

You can rest assured that it won’t be painful and does not require anesthesia. We are also the best . With expert supervision and administration, you can also start with your normal daily activities immediately after the administration. In the treatment procedure, the technicians will also collect the blood test reports and go ahead with further checks on day two of the cycle.

IUI treatment in IndiaWe also go ahead with HMG injection, ultrasound, setting the dose of injections, HCG natural intercourse methods, and other formulations if required. Besides, the specialist will see that the sperm gets separated from the seminal plasma. It includes white blood cells and other debris that get normally filtered out during their natural intercourse.

The speculum gets inserted into the woman’s vagina, and the catheter attached to the cylinder contains the washed sperm that gets inserted into the cervix. The procedure is done in a specialized manner so that it doesn’t cause pain.

The factors affecting the success rate in IUI

  • the ideal sperm count should be around 10 million Post wash
  • it should also come with the five or ten million average
  • the conditions where the sperm count is less than 5 million the pregnancy rate becomes less
  • in case one or two follicles are ideal the pregnancy can be successful
  • The rupture of the molecules usually happens on day 14 or day 15. It should happen between 36 and 48 hours after the HCG injection. But sometimes also happen later than that.

Sometimes female patients can undergo cramping pain, minor injury caused to the cervix, or the introduction of the infection. Still, if practiced and conducted under expert supervision, you can avoid all such issues during the treatment process

Why choose us?

IUI Treatment in UPThe best part of choosing New Life hospital is that we are the best  IUI hospital in Varanasi and always use the state-of-the-art technology and expertise and experience of the best fertility experts to give you the required treatment and which also makes us the best IUI treatment in UP And IUI IVF Clinic in Varanasi. Besides you can also get personalized care that makes the entire treatment process favorable.

We always believe in the familiarity and consistency of the care that will contribute to the person’s well-being. In this way, we further ensure the desired success of the treatment while making use of the best and most advanced facilities.

The well-equipped infrastructure for advanced fertility treatment helps in tackling male and female infertility challenges. A dedicated multi-disciplinary team of doctors will always be working around to provide you with the desired results within the specified time.

We can give excellent facilities for IUI treatment in UP and well-equipped infrastructure with a laboratory that is well equipped. In this way, we can also ensure utilizing the latest tools like laser-assisted hatching equipment, computer-assisted Semen analysis, andrology unit and sperm Bank, embryo scope, and DNA fragmentation, to name a few.

Success rates

Depending on the cause and severity of infertility, as well as your age, the success rates vary. IUI IVF India pregnancy success rates using partners’ sperm is around:

  • 11 percent per IUI cycle without the usage of fertility drugs
  • 13 percent per IUI cycle when there’s the involvement of fertility drugs

So, book an appointment today and get expert assistance for a happy and fruitful pregnancy Journey!

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