New Life Feminine rejuvenation

There are women that faces random issues due to the absence of the fallopian tubes or tubal disease that the surgeon cannot treat successfully. This health aspect calls for the utilization of the IVF technique. Besides, endometriosis that hasn’t responded to the surgical and medical treatment also calls for this procedure.

The main factor contributing to male infertility is the sperm count and motility that is low. Consequently, it won’t allow fertilization naturally. Only the laboratory method works out at that time. Sometimes unexplained infertility happens due to the sperm antibodies. It also becomes a major reason for people to opt for the IVF technique. The genetic diseases that result in miscarriage or abnormal birth can be psychologically straining. IVF is the ultimate solution to such issues.

Now here is a highlight on how our medical experts at New Life can provide best in class IVF feminine rejuvenation services. Well, before we jump to that, let’s understand the major reasons to opt for female rejuvenation.

Why a female requires ovarian rejuvenation?

Women have eggs in their ovaries, but sometimes they do not fulfill a successful pregnancy’s objectives. Every postmenopausal woman has an average of thousands of eggs inside the ovaries, but most of the time, the chances of a successful pregnancy are less.

Ovarian rejuvenation has become the pioneer procedure for the awakening of egg maturation and development within the ovary. It can also foster potentially improved egg quality. Rejuvenation therapy helps in the achievement of long-term objectives in pregnancy in women with a low ovarian reserve.

Women that are suffering due to premature ovarian insufficiency and those showing the early Menopause symptoms can also opt for it. As a woman, you can undergo ovarian rejuvenation if you have a lower ovary reserve. It can help achieve the goal of improved egg quality. It can also combat the early Menopause symptoms.

If you are facing problems due to premature ovarian insufficiency, you can opt for this service at New Life hospitals. The cutting-edge fertility procedure can give great success rates and outcomes depend on the age of the patient’s diagnosis and the frequency of the menstrual cycle.

During the first year, you will have to stay in the clinic for around 1 and a half hour every other day. The minimally invasive vaginal procedure is usually initiated using anesthesia so that you can bear the pain.

First of all, you will have to come to the clinic, and the professionals will collect the blood from your forearm.

Then the blood is taken to the lab for testing. It takes approximately one hour. The injection procedure inside the ovaries is conducted vaginally under ultrasound guidance. However, we do that only after the anesthesiologist makes you comfortable. The total duration for the same process is around 25 minutes.

Following the procedure, we will be monitored weekly for the vaginal ultrasound and the blood hormones that can continue for 2 or 8 weeks. Vaginal ultrasound is also performed at the blood test time that helps in counting the number of follicles inside the ovaries.

Using the state of the art Laser technology for effective results

With laser technology, you can rest assured that this specially designed advanced laser treatment will be healing the vaginal tissue cells on time. They also work in the form of the fractional CO2 laser separating the single laser beam into numerous streams of light.

Light beams then start penetrating the vaginal wall for delivery of the columns of the laser energy. It works for treating areas around its microbeam. The technology works well for triggering the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin. Once one gets accustomed to the phases of the treatment, the experience becomes quite pleasing. It is usually applied with daily monitoring.

Why Female rejuvenation is recommended?

The technology and medical advancement related to feminine rejuvenation is trending, and women are demanding it more often than earlier. Major factors driving the global vaginal rejuvenation market comes inclusive of the rise in the geriatric population, the rise in disposable income, the introduction of technologically developed products and services, problems faced due to low sperm count, decreased social taboos, the advent of esthetic devices, to name a few.

It is advantageous and proves to be the newly pioneered procedure intended to fix egg maturation and development within the ovary. In IVF, Rejuvenation Therapy could be used successfully in initiating a pregnancy in women with Low Ovarian Reserve, women with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI), or women showing early menopause symptoms. If you want one of such exceptionally beneficial treatments, feel free to contact us today.