Dr. Namrata Ray Ohri

Gynaecologist, Obstetrician/IVF

Dr. Namrata Ray Ohri is the recently bumped name in the surrogacy field by her expert and most effective advice with every point of the area covered with safety. She has good hands-on experience into Infertility and High-Risk Pregnancy, gynae problems, and all the IVF treatments. Being a Senior Infertility Consultant at Newlife Hospital Varanasi she is known for her ethical practices.

It’s been rich 4 years that she’s organizing workshops with her expertise. Dr. Namrata Ray Ohri organized her first workshop in JUNE 2016 named Maternal near-miss in a tertiary care hospital: A Cross-sectional study Journal Evolution of Medicine and Dental Sciences (JEMDS), then in 2017 3D Gynae Laparoscopy at Newlife Hospital Varanasi, in 2018 the Infertility workshop convener, ISAR regional at Varanasi and in 2019 the Workshop convener ISAR ISPAT at Varanasi.

Dr. Namrata Ray Ohri is presented in some major papers as follows:

Which trigger- when and where? In north zone Yuva Isar 2019
Maternal near-miss in a tertiary care hospital: A Cross-sectional study- AICOG 2016
Comparative study between Parentral Isoxsuprine and Oral Nifedipine in Arresting Preterm Labour- March 2017

And it isn’t just the end she has presented in poster once for her expertise in 2017 named “Gestational trophoblastic diseases or Retained products of Conception? – Unusually unusual – AICOG”.

Dr. Namrata Ray Ohri is trained in clinical embryology and knows how to tackle even the most difficult and seem impossible to tackle situations in the field of surrogacy. Her fair practice to give the individual, responsible attention to every patient will give you enough reasons to consider her name as the best Infertility Consultant at Newlife Hospital.