Donor Egg IVF Treatment from Top Egg Donation Agencies in India

Many times, it happens that a woman desperately wants to conceive but fails. This can be because of the quality and quantity of eggs produced by the ovaries of a woman because of any reason. Thus, we use donor egg IVF treatment and help the couple conceive. This treatment involves the contribution and participation of a third person, precisely a woman. 

In a new life hospital, we understand the condition of our patients and help them find a compatible egg donor in Varanasi. We also bring intended parents and the donor under the same roof by tying up with the best egg donor agencies in India. We here have selected donors who get regular screening. We also assure to provide the best medical facilities and most compatible donner of your choice. If you even have someone for egg donating, we will also have your back and give you our best help and services. 

egg donor in Varanasi.

If you also want to donate an egg or looking for a suitable donor, you will get complete support from our side. We organize camps for egg donation in Varanasi.

How the egg donation process is handled:

  • In the first step, the donor is selected as per the requirements and choice of the intended parents or recipient.
  • Then, the donor goes through complete screening, and matching of donor and recipient is performed to find the most suitable donor.
  • Then, the menstrual cycle of the donor and recipient is matched for further fertilization of the egg. 
  • Now, a matured egg is retrieved from the donor’s ovary with the help of special needles.
  • This egg is then fertilized externally in labs with complete care until it develops into an embryo.
  • This developed embryo is finally implanted into the intended mother’s womb and taken care of in the gestational period.

A new life IVF clinic, we make sure that you get the best donor as per your needs. We only work with trusted egg donor agencies in India. We also assure you an effective donor egg IVF across India with affordable prices and the best services.

Differences in egg donor IVF and natural pregnancy:

Pregnancy: egg donation has the same risk as natural risk or any other embryo transfer. Pregnancy from donor egg IVF also has the same congenital disability risk as natural pregnancy, i.e., 3-5%.

Effectiveness: As per the center reports for disease control birth rate of egg donor IVF is 55% for new egg donation. And for frozen egg, it is 40%.

Success: the whole process has different stages, and they have an individual success rate. There is an 80% chance that the fertilized embryo will develop a proper embryo. The chance of implanting an embryo correctly into the uterus is around 85%. Successful pregnancy has a 60% chance.

Period: the egg donation process is a lengthy procedure, may take longer than a month.

The most crucial difference is an egg that will develop into a baby you were waiting for. And we understand that it’s easy for any woman. Hence at the new life fertility clinic, we give the utmost physical and mental care. We ensure to provide the most suitable egg donor in Varanasi. 

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