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Find Out the Best Surrogacy Clinic in Varanasi

Do you live in Varanasi and looking for a surrogacy agency in Varanasi? But you don’t know whom to look for? Don’t worry; here, you will find one of the best recommendations for a surrogacy clinic in Varanasi and information you should know before visiting the clinic. Surrogacy treatment is currently viral because it has emerged as one of the most accessible options for infertile couples. Many hospitals and clinics provide the option for surrogacy treatment in Varanasi.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a process in which a woman (the surrogate) undertakes to bear the responsibility to give the birth of a child to another person (or individuals) who will become the child’s parent in future after the birth. Surrogacy has gained popularity and acceptance over the last three decades as in vitro fertilization has become a more feasible option for infertile parents.

Before considering surrogacy, any intending parents are mostly needed to go through years of infertility treatments at this stage; knowing that surrogacy has a good track record is a reassuring feeling for the parents. Many surrogacy clinic in Varanasi has great IVF pregnancy success rates.

surrogacy clinic in Varanasi

How does surrogacy work?

Surrogacy is the process by which a woman agrees to carry a baby for intended parents. Parents provide embryos with the assistance of fertility clinics through IVF, which are then implanted in the uterus of their surrogate. This results in a pregnancy, after which the surrogate can deliver the baby to the intended parents.

Surrogacy is a long process and includes lengthy procedures doctors are needed to ensure the safety of all individuals involved in the procedure. From selecting a surrogate, various medical, psychological, and legal procedures must be followed during the whole treatment. It is advised to visit the best expert to suggest to you the best surrogacy agency in Varanasi.

Top Surrogacy Centres in Varanasi:

New Life hospital is in constant pursuit of addressing different aspects of women health and mental wellbeing along with fertility treatment. They are recognized for affordable, high-quality medical services for IVF, Gynae Endoscopy, High-risk Pregnancy treatment and Psychiatry with a team of medical experts enriched with experience working on evidence-based medicine.

Morpheus is the first and largest Indo-German fertility clinic chain. They have an expert team of the country’s best gynaecologists who have a combined expertise of 500+ years in the field of Fertility Management. All of their clinics in India have a consistent and reasonable pricing structure. They take care of the whole procedure while maintaining the safety of the surrogate and parents.

The Meridian Advance IVF & ICSI Centre Clean Room IVF lab is a high-tech, sophisticated facility focused on embryo development and IVF treatments. Meridian Advance IVF & ICSI Centre follow regulatory guidelines by maintaining precise temperature and environmental control via laminar airflow.

Ankur IVF Centre is intended to maintain safety and hygiene during the whole process. Their reputable doctors give the best advice and appropriate care. They recognize that contemporary healthcare may be costly. Therefore they are committed to making it cheap for their patients.


Surrogacy pregnancy is currently widespread all over the world because of its success rate and benefits. In Varanasi, you can find many surrogacy centres to visit and seek the best possible advice. Here above, we have discussed some of the best Surrogacy agencies in Varanasi you should look for.

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