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Why Should You Look for Top Surrogacy Agency in Varanasi?

Surrogacy treatment is recommended for those couples, who have chances of impossible pregnancy detected or when there is a risk of a pregnancy being too dangerous. For couples and individuals, some renowned and recognized surrogacy agency in Varanasi offers transparent and affordable packages with every required support and assistance. A pool of experts works dedicatedly and stays connected to the patients on the course of their journey to this program – mainly to ensure the availability of treatment at an affordable cost. They help you in getting the right and required assistance from the selected agency – providing the details of a surrogate mother. They also help in the entire legal contact phase and give assistance in pre-natal care of the surrogate that will continue till the delivery of the baby. You as intended parents can rest assured that they will be giving assistance to the intended parents, who are facing random difficulties in conceiving.

Couples, who want the genetic connection with the baby, will get the required support during the entire process. A team of experts offers the traditional ethical process and gestational one too. If you want that the baby shows no genetic link with the surrogate mother, can go ahead with the gestational surrogacy. It is a popular method, in which the IVF method is used. In this way, the surrogate mother comes with no genetic link after the delivery of the baby.

Know about India’s New Reproductive Law

Two New Bills – The Assisted Reproduction Technology (Regulation) Bill and the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill are passed by the Indian Parliament. These bills have a significant impact on the reproductive rights and health of women. On January 25, 2022, this legislation came into effect.

What is in These Two Acts – Essential to know?

The main motive of the new legislation is to regulate and supervise the ART clinics and surrogacy along with curb unethical practices like surrogate mother exploitation – by imposing both monetary penalties and jail terms for violations.

The Surrogacy Bill is implemented to allow ethical and altruistic surrogacy that will be free to any monetary transactions or payments to surrogates. In Altruistic surrogacy, other than medical bills and insurance during the pregnancy, the surrogate mother receives no monetary compensation. The surrogacy regulation bill is about this procedure only that is an infertility procedure in which a woman works as the surrogate for another woman. This practice of surrogacy treatment in Varanasi is permitted for married Indian couples, whereas married couples, live-in partners, single women, and foreigners are all eligible for ART treatment.

Find the Top Clinic or Surrogacy Agency in Varanasi

If conceiving is dangerous or you cannot carry a pregnancy due to any medical complexity, surrogacy treatment is the best option for you to give your dreams new wings and continue your journey to become a happy parent. Find the recognized clinic, go through the details, and you will get precise solutions. It can be the best option for those, who are getting infertility treatment in Varanasi.

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