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How Hysteroscopy Treatment Playing Role in IVF

In the previous few decades numerous medical artificial technologies have been created raising the possibilities of treating the fertility better. However, still numerous patients have stayed without progress even with these methods. It has been realized that the uterine factor plays around a 15 – 20% job in adding to curing female infertility. Subsequently, precluding any proof of any intrauterine pathology by hysteroscopy turns into a significant advance prior to exposing the patient to any of the assisted reproductive technology.

What is Hysteroscopy in IVF?

Hysteroscopy is the procedure under which the female’s body is been analyzed with the use of medical equipment where a wire like equipment with camera at it’s head inserted into the uterus of the female to check the follicles and other reproductive areas to check what is going wrong in the system so that it could be resolved with ease. A Hysteroscopy treatment in Varanasi can be utilized to remove fibroids, polyps, and adhesions.

Process of Hysteroscopy in IVF

Before going for the procedure your doctor will suggest you to take some medications to relax. Then moving forward you’ll be injected with Anesthesia, and the procedure then moves in the following way:

• The doctor will stretch your reproductive area or cervix to insert the hysteroscope

• Hysteroscope is inserted by the doctors through your vagina to see any disturbance creating

• A liquid solution then inserted into the uterus which is in form of carbon dioxide to clear the part of any blood and or mucus

• A light thrown through the hysteroscope then will clear the picture for your doctor to see the opening of your fallopian tube into the uterine cavity

• At last after analyzing all the parts and reports, if the treatment is needed that will be performed using hysteroscope again

The time it takes to perform hysteroscopy treatment up can go from under five minutes to over 60 minutes. The length of the system relies upon whether it is operable and whether an extra technique, like laparoscopy, is done simultaneously. As a rule, in any case, demonstrative hysteroscopy takes less time than operative.

hysteroscopy treatment up

How Hysteroscopy plays role while IVF fails?

Hysteroscopy usually comes in a picture when IVF has been failed three times which is called Recurrent implantation failure and this failure is caused due to uterine factor. Under this situation embryo failed to implant in the uterus wall is being now analyzed with the help of hysteroscope and with the preimplantation genetic screening but it becomes difficult to diagnose uterine receptivity. Minor pathologies if missed in sonography which cause infertility can be treated with hysteroscopic treatment or surgery. This why it is important to find the cause of why the implantation isn’t taking place and cure the fertility with the use of hysteroscopy laparoscopy hospital in up.


Hysteroscopy is the amazing tool to identify the flaws in fertility and the reasons of IVF failure. Thus it helps improving pregnancy outcome and saves the unnecessary cost that many exhaust to adopt the fertility without knowing the reason.

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