Male infertility: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and available treatment options!

As we here by talk about Male fertility, we must understand that this health complication largely depends on variables like quality and quantity of the sperm .if a male has experienced certain issues with its sperm quality and number, odds are that it will be troublesome or practically impossible for him to conceive along with his female partner.

 Any such condition or situation where a male is witnessing an incompetency in conceiving is generally known as Male infertility. If you are living in a country like India and witnessing any such complications, it is highly recommended to reach out to the best male infertility doctors in India.

Major causes for Male Infertility

It has been discovered that just about one in each 20 men is dealing with Infertility issues which are for the most part brought about by issues that sway either sperm creation or sperm transport. Additionally, a similar issue must be analyzed after a list of medical tests and diagnosis during male infertility treatment in varanasi up.

Almost 66% of these men have been found with the issues with the creation of sperm in their testicles. The Situation comes over when either low number of sperms is being created by the body or the sperms that have been created are not working as expected.

In addition, one in each five infertile men has been determined to have the sperm transportation issue and the list additionally incorporates men who have had a vasectomy yet now might want to have more kids. Blockages in the testes frequently lead the sperm away from the testicles to the penis and create a condition where there is a complete lack of sperm in the discharged semen.

A portion of the other reasons for male Infertility are: sexual issues that sway the transportation of semen to the women’s vagina and affecting the entire fertilization process (one in each 100 infertility cases); low hormonal creation in the pituitary gland that follow up on the testicles (one in each 100 infertility cases); and existence of sperm antibodies (one in each 16 cases).

Indications of Male infertility

Probably the greatest indication of male infertility is the incapability of conceiving a child. In spite of the fact that there may not be some other obvious indicators or side effects for something very similar, different reasons like any genetic issues, kind of hormonal imbalance, expanded veins around the testes or an ailment that obstructs the section of sperm can likewise cause certain manifestations.

What are the major symptoms of Male infertility?

– Small volumes of ejaculated fluid with negligible sexual desires

– Erectile dysfunction.

– Certain Pain, redness or a swelling around the testes

– Irregular respiratory infections

– Random issues in smelling capacities

– Irregular chest development (gynecomastia)

– diminishing facial or body hair

– Lower sperm tally (fewer than 39 million for each discharge)

Determination of Male Infertility

Despite the fact that it’s truly difficult to inspect the Male infertility issues, an underlying male fertility assessment contains the accompanying aspects.

Medical history of the Patient  

– Scrutinizing the medical history, treatments, surgeries and medicines used

– Reviewing any acquired infertility issues from Family

– Checking on any sort of Social exposure to any harmful chemicals and substances


Health screening

A Detailed health assessment would then proceeded with to assess the pelvic organs — the penis, testicles, prostate and scrotum.

Lab Tests

Urinalysis — to check for any sort of infections  

Semen Evaluation — this incorporates assessing the sperm concerning its motility, development, shape, maturity, the volume of the discharge, the real sperm count check alongside the liquidity of the discharge.

Hormonal Tests — this test generally assesses levels of testosterone and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) to build up the general equilibrium of the hormonal framework and explicit circumstance of sperm creation.

Aside from these tests, there are some other tests that can also be prescribed by the fertility expert at the IVf center.

Seminal Fructose Test — to analyze if fructose is appropriately been added to the semen by the seminal vesicles

Post discharge Urinalysis — on check on the presence of obstacle or retrograde ejaculation

Semen Leukocyte Analysis — to find the presence of white blood cells( WBC) in the semen

Kruger and World Health Organization (WHO) Morphology — To analyze the shape and highlights of the Sperm in a definite way.

Anti-sperm Antibodies Test — to find the presence of antibodies in sperm

Sperm Penetration Assay (SPA) — reviewing the sperm’s capacity to conceive

Ultrasound — recognizing varicoceles (varicose veins) or channel blocks in the prostate, scrotum, seminal vesicles and ejaculatory ducts

Testicular Biopsy — to track whether the sperm creation is discouraged by a blockage

Vasography — to distinguish the arrangement of the duct framework and checking any blockages

Genetic Testing — to eliminate any hidden mutations in more than one gene areas of the Y chromosome, while also checking the presence of cystic fibrosis.

Final word

Regardless of the what kind of male infertility symptoms you have developed, it’s always mindful to reach out the best male infertility treatment hospital in UP. Doing that, you can support yourself with a timely treatment plan to rectify the same abnormality or complication.

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