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Hyperspermia and Its Effects on Infertility

Infertility is a problem for both men and women. Even today in many places in India, people feel that infertility is only a problem for women, but the way male infertility cases are coming to the fore in the medical world, people are seeing a change in their attitude towards them. According to WHO, the infertility rate in the general population is 15-20%. The male infertility rate in this is 23%. Not only women but also men can be responsible for infertility. The problem is seen in men in 40% of cases of infertility.

The problem of infertility in men is due to a lack of sperm, low production of sperm, obstruction in the distribution route of sperm, etc. We also call it Hyperspermia in the medical term. Its treatment is possible through Male infertility treatment in India. That’s why people are taking the help of treatment to prevent Hyperspermia. In today’s article, we are going to talk in detail about Hyperspermia and its effects on infertility. For complete details read the article till the end.  

What is Hyperspermia?

Hyperspermia is a rare condition in men that can put men at risk of infertility. In this condition, semen is excreted in excess in men than normal. About 4 percent of men in India are affected by Hyperspermia. Normally, a man ejaculates only 2 to 6 ml of semen per ejaculation, but in men suffering from Hyperspermia, about 6 to 6.5 ml of fluid comes out of the body. 

In some cases, men are suffering from Hyperspermia, but they are not aware of it. They consider it normal hypothermia, but the good thing is that Hyperspermia is not a fatal disease, for which there is a need to panic for immediate medical attention. Hyperspermia affects the fertility of men, which delays their dreams of becoming parents. It also gets cured if proper treatment is taken for it.

Symptoms of Hyperspermia:

Most men complain of hypothermia, such men do not pay attention to its symptoms. That’s why they consider it normal, but its symptoms are quickly detected by such men who see a sudden increase in the amount of their ejaculated semen. The following are the symptoms of Hyperspermia:

  • Yellow semen
  • Dizziness after intercourse
  • Feeling extremely tired after sexual activity
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Increased sexual desire
  • A feeling of extreme tension in the penis
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Excessive ejaculation during orgasm
  • Difficulty getting the female partner pregnant
  • Increased risk of miscarriage after pregnancy

Contact your doctor immediately if you notice any such symptoms. If you get immediate treatment, you do not have much problem, but you recover in a very short time. 

Causes of Hyperspermia:

So far, the exact causes of Hyperspermia have not been known in the medical world, but experts have given their arguments about it, which are as follows:

  • Having sex after a long time
  • Consuming any herbs or medicines to Promote sexual power
  • Mental stress
  • Urinary tract and reproductive tract infection
  • Some lifestyle habits. 
  • Swelling of the prostate gland due to infection
  • Effect of certain drugs or steroids
  • High fiber products
  • High protein diet

How does Hyperspermia affect male infertility?

Not all men who suffer from Hyperspermia face infertility, but only some men suffer from it. People in India who are suffering from Hyperspermia can get rid of it with Male infertility treatment in India. It is important to know about the effect of Hyperspermia on infertility before treatment.

Semen is released from the body by the male’s egg sac, which is a compound. It comes out with other fluids through vesicles. These fluids are released from the male body during reproduction so that the sperm can swim properly and reach the egg for fertilization in the fallopian tube of the female.

Hyperspermia can become a risk of male infertility due to a lack of power to produce healthy sperm in men. Due to Hyperspermia, there is a decrease in the sperm count in men. In such a case, in men who have low sperm count, the fluid makes their structure more thin. This causes the problem of infertility center in Varanasi.

Hyperspermia results in reduced fertility in men as fewer sperm than normal are secreted in the ejaculate due to excessive semen production. Since the fluid that comes out due to semen dilutes the male level, it hinders the process of reproduction. 

Male fertility is necessary for fertilization in females, but male fertility is affected due to Hyperspermia. Due to this, less amount of sperm is released in the ejaculate fluid of men than normal male sperm. As a result, this serous fluid increases the risk of male infertility, but according to experts, a low sperm count does not make any man completely infertile. This reduces the ability of a man with Hyperspermia to impregnate his partner, making it somewhat more difficult to have children with the condition, but it is still possible to father children with such a man.

Hyperspermia Treatment:

Not every man with Hyperspermia is a victim of infertility. No man who is suffering from this problem needs to have a low sperm count, he cannot easily reproduce properly but if semen is coming out in excessive quantity and it is continuously affecting the reproduction. If yes, then definitely get it treated. For this, experts have given some remedies:

  •  physical examination
  •  hormone test
  •  imaging test or ultrasound procedure
  •  semen analysis
  •  Medicines
  •  surgery
  •  assisted reproductive technology

Generally, doctors recommend drugs like oestrogen receptor blockers to patients suffering from Hyperspermia, which are very beneficial in increasing sperm count in men and improving fertility. Apart from this, if you take any kind of medicine after consulting a doctor, then the same is appropriate. You should get the treatment of Hyperspermia done only when you feel that the amount of ejaculated semen is continuously increasing and even after having a relationship with your partner for more than 1 year, they are having an abortion. In such a situation consult a doctor immediately.


There is no need to worry about Hyperspermia. At present it is curable. According to experts, Hyperspermia also has some side effects, such as it does not allow men to experience sexual satisfaction, which can lead to problems like mental stress or lack of confidence. If you feel like this, there are so many Male infertility doctors in India from whom you can get advice. 

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