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Know the common issues causing infertility in females

If pregnancy does not occur within six months of active sexual activity, then this is one of the signs of infertility. But don’t panic. This does not mean at all that you have infertility, perhaps it is enough for you, for example, to adjust your diet. Secondly, infertility is treated. Well, you should not immediately wind yourself up on the subject of IVF. Remember, infertility is not equal to IVF.

Exhaled? Then let’s figure out what to do?

Infertility is a diagnosis with which 10% of women around the world have to live: according to statistics, every fourth married couple is infertile. In this article we will talk about what female infertility is, how to live with it and whether it is possible to defeat it.

What is female infertility?

Female infertility is a diagnosis that is made after a year of unsuccessful attempts to have children, subject to regular sex with a partner without contraception. If the woman is over 35 years old, the diagnosis is made faster – after 6 months. After 35 years of age, the ability to conceive gradually decreases, so it is better for older women not to delay treatment.

However, one should not rush to sad conclusions either. According to statistics, even completely healthy couples under 30 years old manage to conceive a child in the first three months only in 20-37% of cases. Moreover, after six months, pregnancy occurs in 80% of couples. Until a year has passed from the first attempt, there is no need to worry, to be examined, and even more so to be treated.

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Why healthy women don’t get pregnant right away?

Pregnancy depends on many reasons – in order for the “stars to converge” and coincide all the factors, sometimes it takes some time.

For example, it is known that the easiest way to get pregnant is by making love 3-4 times a week. But a break of more than 5 days can negatively affect the quality of sperm.

In addition, a lot depends on the lifestyle of the parents – stress and heavy workload reduce fertility in both men and women. Unsurprisingly, many successful pregnancies begin during family vacations. However, even after fulfilling all the requirements the couple doesn’t get the positive news, it is ideal to opt for IVF treatment in Varanasi, at New Life Hospitals

Is it possible to cure female infertility, and how to do it?

Infertility is treated, and quite successfully – according to statistics, after diagnosis and therapy, children appear in 50% of women (without the use of assisted reproductive technologies: IVF, etc.), thanks to IVF hospital in Varanasi.

On the other hand, success depends on many factors, from age and history of previous pregnancies to partner sperm problems. Many factors affect the ability to become pregnant, so it can be difficult to predict the result.

If the problem is associated with being overweight or underweight, it is often sufficient to normalize the weight for a successful pregnancy. True, much more often the problem is associated with sex hormones – in this situation, the IVF clinic in Varanasi will select the appropriate medications. And if the problem is in the obstruction of the fallopian tubes or in the uterus itself, surgery may be required.

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