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Some Questions You Should Ask Your IVF Expert on First Appointment

Infertility has come up as one of the most understated medical issues among numerous couples and individuals around the world. As per a recent medical survey, 1 of every 5 people around is facing random infertility issues while trying to pave their way towards parenthood.

It doesn’t matter what city or country you may live in, if you experience any kind of infertility issue, you must immediately connect with a reputed IVF specialist in your city or the region. Let’s say you reside in the Indian city of Varanasi and you have just connected with the best IVF expert to treat your respective infertility problems.

Still, there may be a chance that you are confused about what questions to ask or what expectations to set with your respective IVF doctors in Varanasi. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of questions and queries you can ask your particular specialists at infertility clinics in Varanasi.

Question 1: How long does it take for my IVF treatment?

As you put through your first steps with IVF in Varanasi, you may already be concerned about the duration of the treatment. As per the best IVF doctors in Varanasi, most of their patients come up with this question during the first visit only.

To be precise, there isn’t a very specific answer to the same question. While few couples or individuals experience success within the first IVF cycle, others have to go for a second or third chance. Hence, the duration of your IVF in Varanasi is eventually decided by the end result of the treatment process.

That said, you must consult with the doctor about this during the first visit and must not leave any kind of doubt or question in your mind.

Question 2: Is there any possibility of Twins during the IVF treatment?

Most infertility clinics claim of delivering the best success rates during any given IVF treatment. Yet, whether or not they can ensure the delivery of twins is a topic that requires some good debate.

 As a fertility expert proceeds with the IVF treatment, they first mix the gametes received from the couples or donors in a few cases. Once the same gametes develop into an embryo, it then gets implanted into the womb of the women under treatment.

There may be a chance that the single embryo may divide after implantation while resulting in the birth of twins. Still, none of the infertility clinics in Varanasi or any other city can guarantee that thing.

Question 3: What kind of precautions do I need to take during IVF treatment?

Being a woman, you may have to take care of yourself and the future baby while undergoing IVF treatment, this may include a list of precautions ranging from physical and mental care to going by the medicinal course recommended by the best IVF doctors in Varanasi.

Besides, you must ensure proper diet and rest during the period in order to provide the best nutrition and care for your physical and mental health at the same time.

Question 4: Does my medical history put any impact on the IVF treatment success?

This comes as one of the most important questions during a person’s first visit to an IVF expert or center. Given the hectic lifestyle and corrupted eating habits, most of the humans around are troubled with random health issues altogether.

So, as one proceeds with IVF in Varanasi, one must talk to the doctor about the same in detail. The medical history may impact the health and well-being of the future child. Hence, one must consult their medical expert about the same during their first visit to the clinic.

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