Are IVF Babies Different from the Normal Babies?

If you are an intended parent seeking IVF treatment in your city, you must have come across this question “are IVF babies any different from normal babies” at least once. While you can find a lot to read and understand about IVF online, not every blog or article may bring the required clarification for you.  Well, you need not worry as here we answer all of your questions and doubts in the same regard.

Initial consultation with the experts

Let’s say you are an intended parent looking to realize your parenthood dreams via IVF. So, the first thing you will do is consult with an IVF specialist or your respective city. During the consultation, the IVF expert would take a detailed understanding of your respective infertility issue.

In layman’s terms, you may be dealing with infertility if you haven’t found any success in conception even after indulging in unprotected sexual intercourse for more than one year. This is where you may be required to connect with an IVF clinic in Varanasi.

Test and diagnosis

The experts would try to understand the intensity and impact of your issue during the initial consultation. If required, they may ask you to undergo a list of tests and diagnoses in the same context. As you go through the same tests, the experts from fertility clinics would wait for your test reports in order to understand the core issue behind your inability to conceive.

Commencing with the IVF treatment

Once the results of the same tests are received by the experts, they will then recommend the required IVF treatment. During IVF, the IVF specialist in Varanasi will mix the sperm and eggs derived from the intended parents in a lab dish to develop an embryo.

As the embryo gets fertilized, the experts will then implant it in the womb of the intended mother undergoing IVF treatment. After three weeks of the embryo transfer, the experts will conduct a pregnancy test.

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the intended mother will bear the child to term while adhering to the suggestions and medicinal course from the medical experts from fertility clinics in Varanasi. So, we can see that conception via IVF is more or less the same as natural conception, barring the fact that embryo development has occurred in a lab dish. So, is there any difference between children born via IVF and natural conception?

To date, there hasn’t been any case where a baby born via IVF at the IVF clinic in Varanasi is found any different from a baby born via natural conception. That said, certain procedures like PGD and PGS help in the early detection of any inherited health complications within the embryo.

So, we can say that kids born via IVF are more protected from any such health ailment around. On the other side, they are well protected from any future health issues in contrary to a child born via natural conception.

On the other side, the mother has also gone through a list of tests and diagnoses during IVF treatment. Hence, there is very little chance of her passing on any health complications to her future child. Now, if we compare the same situation with natural conception, you cannot guarantee any such thing without conducting a random test or diagnosis.

Hence, we can say that IVF babies are just like normal babies in every context. Moreover, they are well protected against any future health issue, something that isn’t assured for a baby born via natural conception. Still, being an intended parent, you must consult a medical expert for further information and knowledge in the same regard.

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