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How to Proceed After Undergoing the Embryo Transfer Process?

Infertility is proving to be the biggest demon for millions of couples around. Besides dealing with all the stress and anxiety, they further needs to think of the best ivf treatment options for the same reason.

With that happening around, treatment options like IVF and IUI are really appearing to be beneficial for all such couples. Talking about the IVF treatment, one must get themselves updated about every detail and information in the same regards.

Also, when we talk about the details and procedures involved in an IVF treatment, it may include aspects like PGD, PGS and Embryo transfer. Speaking of the embryo transfer process, the process doesn’t take much time and the patient would then be able to be discharged within a period of 2-3 hours. She is then given further medications and suggestions by the fertility expert.

Indeed, there are numerous myths and misconceptions regarding the Dos and don’t after the Embryo transfer process. Hence, we hereby bring to you the best recommendations and advise in regards to the embryo transfer process.

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Appropriate bed rest

Once the embryo transfer process is concluded, the patient is advised with minimal bed rest for around 30-40 minutes. Additionally, she would then have the option to get back to her day by day routine and schedule after getting discharged from the ivf hospital in varanasi

She is furthermore required to ensure proper bed rest without taking any stress and pressure during the period. The bed rest would release all the tension on her body and she’ll be perfectly ready for the further phases of the Infertility treatment.

Avoiding heavy weight lifting and exercises

In spite of the fact that the person can get ahead with their routine and schedule after getting discharged, she still needs to keep distance from all the heavy weights and exercises. This is because the same activities can put her body to an unwanted injury or wound that can put her pregnancy at risk.

So you ought to keep away from any such activity by very means. Taking everything into account, you can likewise pick light activities like brisk walking, cardio or even Yoga.

Avoiding sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse isn’t recommended for a certain period after the completion of the Embryo transfer process until the confirmation of pregnancy. This is because most of the women experience enhanced ovaries resulting to experiencing the ovaries stimulation during the embryo transfer process.

Thusly, for the present circumstance, sexual intercourse may result in unwanted uterine compressions. Subsequently, just to increase your odds of conceiving, you must avoid sex for the period from embryo transfer process till the day pregnancy results comes over.

Following the medicine course

Other than following all the suggestions, you additionally need to go by the recommended medicinal course from the IVF clinic in Varanasi. This will help the person to recover well from the treatment and ensure her health and wellbeing till the pregnancy results come over.

Keeping the body hydrated

Water intake is surely one of the most undermined aspects in anyone’s health. Still, regardless of whether or not you are undergoing an IVF treatment, you must ensure proper water intake by every means.

So, the same habit also needs to be followed after you get released from the ivf india hospital. This would help in the smooth working and functioning of the body organs that will further play a key role in the pregnancy process.

Besides going by all the aspects referenced above, the person further needs to stay away from pools and beaches. This is to avoid any infection or allergy to the women and her reproductive organs.

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