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What are the Four Stages of IVF?

IVF for the last 40 years has been a commonly used medical procedure to bring healthy babies into the world. Just like any frequently used medical technology, IVF India offers a great possibility of successful treatment.

The process involves fertilization of egg with sperm in an incubator. After fertilization the healthiest embryo is placed inside the uterus of the woman. The process from ovulation to fertilization takes three to four weeks. After you visit a specialist, they will determine the best ivf hospital in Varanasi for you. However, it will be better if you understand the process well.

1. Ovarian stimulation and ovulation triggering

The first stage is for collecting eggs from the woman’s body. Here the larger the number of mature eggs for fertilization will be, the better the chances of pregnancy. Now, as the woman’s body releases one mature egg every month, there are medications prescribed to prevent the early release of eggs. Also, there are certain medications that prevents the formation of more follicles. Thus, the medications are responsible for controlling the ovulation time, making it easier for medical professionals to retrieve the eggs.

ivf varanasi

2. Egg Retrieval

After completing ovarian stimulation IVF indiaand maturation of follicles, the doctors will retrieve as many eggs as possible. However, not all eggs are used in the current IVF cycle. The medical professional gives mild sedation or local anesthesia for egg retrieval. They use ultrasound to identify the mature follicles and then pass a needle through the vagina to withdraw the mature follicles’ fluid.

The fluid is then examined immediately under a microscope to identify if the egg is retrieved. The process is performed for each mature follicle. Finally, the follicular fluid and the retrieved eggs are separated and placed inside an incubator.

3. Fertilization

Two hours before the egg retrieval, the professionals take a semen sample from the male partner and process it to find the most active and strongest sperm. The sperm is then placed in the incubator along the eggs for fertilization.

Special care is taken to maintain the same temperature in the incubator as the woman’s body at IVF clinic in Varanasi. The next day they are examined to know about the successful fertilization. If it is successful, then the embryo after a few days will be ready for transplantation in the uterus.

4. Embryo

The fourth stage of the process involves embryo transfer in the uterus. For transplantation, the professionals place the embryo in a tube and transfer it to the uterus. Here the number of embryo transfers greatly depends upon the cause of infertility, the age of women, pregnancy history, and various other factors. While if there are additional embryos of good quality, the parents can choose to freeze them for later use.


The IVF procedure successfully offers the parents a chance to have kids, even after 40. However, the possible chances of pregnancy in such cases are considerably less. Thus you must consult with your doctor about the possible chances and understand the entire process to clear all your concerns and questions. This will help you stay relaxed and calm during the entire process. Also, it will help you stay strong just in case it doesn’t work.

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